Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia and has over 220 active chapters and colonies on college campuses throughout the United States and Canada. Since its founding, Sigma Nu has initiated over 225,000 members and continues to grow. The Kappa Chi chapter at Furman University was founded in 1985 and currently has over 60 active brothers.

Historical Facts

1) Sigma Nu badge introduced in 1869 and has remained the same ever since (except for size)
2) The underground (spiritual birth) of Sigma Nu was in 1866 with only 3 members but by the time of the actual commencement in 1869 Sigma Nu had grown to 51 members
3) The three founders of Sigma Nu were—James Frank Hopkins, Greenfield Quarles, and James McIlvaine Riley
4) The first commander of Sigma Nu was James McIlvaine Riley
5) Walter James Sears wrote the Sigma Nu creed.
6) Elwood H. McClelland designed the Coat of Arms.
7) The spiritual founder of Sigma Nu wasFrancis H. “Specs” Smith.
8) Hopkins created the first ritual.
9) Quarles, a founder, is from Christian County, Kentucky
10) Riley, a founder, is from St. Louis, Missouri
11) Hopkins, a founder, is from Ripley, Mississippi
12) Elmer Paul Catts Jr. painted “A Serpent, A Rose, and a Star”
13) Quarles is buried in Helena, Arkansas
15) Ripley buried in Bellefontaine Cemetary, St. Louis, Missouri
16) Hopkins buried in Mablevale, Arkansas
17) John Carmichael Jr. was the first legacy of Sigma Nu
18) Ora M. Baldinger is the “Keeper of the Book”
19) James McIlvaine Riley entered chapter eternal on May 6th, 1911
20) James Frank Hopkins entered chapter eternal on December 15th, 1913
21)Greenfield Quarles entered chapter eternal on January 14th, 1921
22) Ellwood H McClelland designed of the coat of arms
23) 5 famous Sigma Nu alumni—Harrison Ford, Eli Manning, Archie Manning, Bob Barker, Mike Posner.
24) The Sigma Nu badge was modeled after the White cross of the French Legion of Honor
25) The formal name of the Sigma Nu flower is The Classic Five-Petaled, wild, white English Floribunda
26) Three colors of Sigma Nu and what they stand for
•Gold= Love
•Black= Honor
27) 3 symbols of Sigma Nu and what they stand for.
•Rock= Enduring strength
•Flower=Purity of Purpose
•Sword= Military tradition
28) 3 paintings of Sigma Nu
•A Serpent, A rose, A Star = 1869 steps, Sweat hearts, 3 kights in colors.
•The Quest=The sword , flag, knight, and squire.
•The Founding = the rock, the founders, the star.
29) Founders Day is March 22
30) Sigma Nu currently has 172 active chapters



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